Important Dates

Pre-Registration Deadline: August 14 (Wed), 2019

Category Early Bird Registration Pre-Registration On-site Registration
Medical Doctors
(Certified M.D., Professor, Fellow, Resident)
AOASO member 100 USD 150 USD 200 USD
Non-Member 200 USD 250 USD 300 USD
Non-Medical Doctors
(Professor, Researcher, Nutritionist,
Exercise Specialist, Other Professionals)
AOASO member 50 USD 75 USD 100 USD
Non-Member 100 USD 125 USD 150 USD
Developing Country 50 USD
List of Developing Countries Eligible for a Special Discount

Low-income economies Lower-middle-income economies
Afghanistan Guinea-Bissau Sierra Leone Angola Indonesia Papua New Guinea
Benin Haiti Somalia Bangladesh Kenya Philippines
Burkina Faso Korea, Dem. People's Rep. South Sudan Bhutan Kiribati São Tomé and Principe
Burundi Liberia Syrian Arab Republic Bolivia Kosovo   Solomon Islands
Central African Republic Madagascar Tajikistan Cabo Verde Kyrgyz Republic Sri Lanka
Chad Malawi Tanzania Cambodia Lao PDR Sudan
Comoros Mali Togo Cameroon Lesotho Swaziland
Congo, Dem. Rep Mozambique Uganda Congo, Rep. Mauritania Timor-Leste
Eritrea Nepal Yemen, Rep. Côte d'Ivoire Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Tunisia
Ethiopia Niger Zimbabwe Djibouti Moldova Ukraine
Gambia, The Rwanda    Egypt, Arab Rep. Mongolia Uzbekistan
Guinea Senegal El Salvador Morocco Vanuatu
Georgia Myanmar Vietnam

* Resident / Student registration requires a written letter on their affiliation letterhead, with the statement that the registered person is a resident / student at the time of the conference, to be signed by the registrant‘s advisor (Professor, Supervisor, etc.). This letter ought to be sent to the, with a scanned PDF email attachment.

  • Bank Transfer
    • A direct bank transfer should be made to the account below.
    • A copy of remitter’s slip should be sent to Congress Secretariat(
    • Please note that the remittance charge should be paid by the registrant, and the registrant's name should be clearly stated on the wire transfer.
    Holder’s Name Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
    Account No. 584-910003-16504
    Swift Code HNBNKRSE
    Branch Code/Name 584
    Bank Name Hana Bank

  • Cancellation Policy
    • If you have already registered for meeting and find that you are unable to attend or cancel the paper, please notify the secretariat in writing to request a refund and cancel your registration. Refund will be made upon receipt of this written notice after the conference.
    • All bank service charges are to be paid by the registrant.

      Registration Cancellation

  • Cancellation & Refund
    A request for cancelling registration must be pre-notified in writing to the secretariat by email.
    Cancelling registration by phone is NOT accepted.
    To transfer registration fee to another is not allowed.

Refund No Refund
Notice Received before/on Pre-registration Deadline Notice Received after Pre-registration Deadline