Abstract Submission

  • Congratulations on the acceptance of you abstract as “Oral Presentation”. Please refer to the following request for the oral presenters.

Key Dates

Notification of Acceptance JUN 30(Thu), 2022

Oral Presentation Guideline

  • · Please submit the poster in PDF/PPT file format. (icomes_abstract@into-on.com)

  • · All presenters are required to give an oral presentation (7 minutes or less) by creating presentation slides. Please refer to the instructions.

  • · Upload your final presentation slides in the preview room at least 1 hour before the session begins .
  • · Date & Time(It is possible to select a preferred time, but it may inevitably be changed.)

    - Oral presentation 1&2 Sep 2(Fri) 1:00 pm~2:00 pm

    - Oral presentation 3&4 Sep 3(Sat) 12:50 pm~13:50 pm

    - Awards Ceremony Sep 3(Sat) 5:40 pm~6:00 pm
    (If you do not attend the awards ceremony, you will be excluded from the list of winners.)

  • · Language: English

  • · Allocated time: 7 minutes talk & 3 minutes discussion